Peer Methodology and Cultural Heritage Education: Internal Workshops for Secondary School teaching staff and cultural educators

After the pedagogical contents of the HEROES Model have been developed, each partner organized specific Internal Workshops aimed to show to teachers and cultural educators how the principles of the peer education can be concretely combined with those of cultural heritage education. During the workshops the participants explored the educational proposal designed by each partner with the aim to promote the knowledge and the valorization of the common European heritage in its extended meaning: not only as school matter but as active means encouraging intercultural dialogue, identity building processes, and civil participation among the youngest. The Internal Workshops carried out in Florence, Malaga and Athens have been similarly structured: the first session was devoted to discuss and deepen the theoretical (and pedagogical) frame of the Model (the HEROES Guidelines), while the second one focused the practical and methodological aspects useful to realize the peer educational activities. These activities could be fruitfully added by teachers to the traditional school teaching on cultural heritage contents. Moreover, the positive professional mix between teachers and cultural educators made during the workshops contributed to promote the fruitful exchange of different educational experiences and approaches so as to further enrich the activities for the students’ benefit.

All the peer educational activities on cultural heritage developed within the project will be properly included in the Model’s operational Appendix (the HEROES Method). These activities are strongly rooted in the specific features of the partners' local area and draw an ideal continuum that starts from Athens, passes through the Florentine Renaissance and culminates in Malaga between contemporary art and local traditions, embracing the idea of heritage both in its material and immaterial dimension.