HEROES Learning Teaching Training Activities (LTTA) in Athens, November 2021

The Learning Teaching Training Activities (LTTA) in Athens for the European testing of the HEROES Model took place between November 21rst to November 27, 2021, involving six students of the Marco Polo Institute from the grade 13 classes 5A - 5D - 5E and Greek students previously involved by EKEDISY in the local testing phase (from Kantas High School).

The Italian students immediately emphasized the positive value of the experience, defined beautiful, very exciting, and rewarding, especially for the educational value, as they could finally closely appreciate the rich cultural heritage of the city of Athens.

During the week the Italian and Greek students had the opportunity to participate together in a rich program of activities, visits in museums and archeological site and educational workshops with the support of their teachers and museum educators from School Life and Education Museum.

The main event - their designed activity “Treasure hunt in Ancient Athens” - was implemented in the second day and was very successful.

The activity’s venue was the neighborhood of Plaka - in the historical center of Athens and located on the footsteps of the Acropolis hill – which is characterized by history of centuries from antiquity to the present day. Aspects of mythology and history invited students to discover them in every street, building, and monument. Through the activity, together with the students of Katas High School, the Italian ones got in touch with history taking advantage from a different methodology that made them active participants in knowledge. This way, they created the scenario on which the story unfolded, built the map, found the missions, riddles, puzzles that gave the opportunity to discover the history of the monuments and the area as a magical and fascinating adventure. It has to be remarked that inputs and suggestions from both the students and the teachers was very valuable for the implementation of the activity. Their point of view enriched the activity with valuable new methods and steps. The Italian students and teachers expressed their enjoyment of the activity and held on to its framework to develop their own, in their town that also has a rich cultural heritage.

From their part, the Italian students had the opportunity to show their “Ambassadors of Art” projects carried out during the school year 2020/2021 in the Bargello National Museum and two other museums inside the Palazzo Pitti in Florence. The objective of the task was not only to show and describe the specific works of Art, but also to explain to their Greek colleagues the concept of Peer Education, a winning method of collaboration among classmates. Working on the project also helped fill the void of distance learning during the Pandemic.

Within the cultural visits’ program have been included some of the most famous cultural sites such as the Bath House of the Winds Museum, the Acropolis Museum, the National Garden of Athens, Museum of Modern Greek Culture – Men and Culture, the Filopappou Hill, the Acropolis Archaeological site and the Archaeology Museum.

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