Treasure Hunt in Ancient Greece - Applying of peer education methodology to cultural heritage education

School Life and Education Museum of EKEDISY organized the testing activities on 08-09/06/2021 to implement the activity “Treasure Hunt in Ancient Greece” online via Zoom, for the European program Erasmus + ΚΑ2. Two different school groups with their teachers joined the testing activities (15th High School in Peristeri, Athens and Kantas High School in Athens) along with four museum educators from School Life and Education Museum. The students and their teachers were very active in co-designing the different questions for the riddles of the treasure hunt along with the museum educators, while also stating that it is a much more entertaining way to learn about Greece’s history and cultural heritage. They were divided into small groups and each team had a variety of ideas for the routes and the ending of the Treasure Hunt, collaborating with each other in an excellent way. Everyone suggested that it would be great to have the chance to design and experience the activity in-person and not online, and we all agreed that if we have the chance in September, we will meet in person to test the activity in its physical space. In the end of every meeting there were given questionnaires for the evaluation of the activity, both to the students and the teachers/museum educators.

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