Virgin of the Victory of Malaga - Applying of peer education methodology to cultural heritage education

The testing of the HEROES Model in Malaga actively involved three local institutions: the Jorge Rando Museum, the first Expressionist museum in Spain dedicated to the homonymous artist, the Santa Rosa de Lima High school and the San Jose High school. Students, teachers and cultural educators carried out an activity focused on the “Virgen de la Victoria de Málaga”, working on the Virgin’s icon between ancient and contemporary art. Starting from the study of the Sanctuary and the Cathedral of Malaga devoted to the Virgin and of the Jorge Rando Museum, where the contemporary reinterpretation of her icon (by Jorge Rando himself) is kept, the students created original creative works inspired by this sacred figure. The testing worked in three phases: - Approach, research and study of the Malaga heritage with special regard to the selected object; - Creative students' activities; - Final visual presentation of the whole creative process (in progress). During the first phase, the students visited (in virtual modality due to the Covid-19 pandemic) the Sanctuary where is the Virgin's ancient icon, the Jorge Rando Museum with her modern interpretation and the cathedral of Malaga. In the second phase, each involved school developed a specific activity: the students of the San Jose School designed a multimedia installation that plays on the themes of interculturality and inter-religiosity through geometric figures, while at the Santa Rosa School the students first made pencil sketches and then clay modelling of their personal interpretations of the Virgin icon. The third phase, still in progress, will provide the creation of a video presentation by the students to illustrate the creative process developed by both groups and the obtained results.

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