Digital Art Ambassadors - Applying of peer education methodology to cultural heritage education

The actions undertaken by the Uffizi Galleries concern both the training of the students involved in the Art Digital Ambassadors action and the drafting of the related documentation. The Digital Art Ambassadors represent the proposal of the Uffizi Galleries for the peer educational activities focused on cultural heritage to be included in the HEROES Model. The very relevant feature of this activity is that it was incorporated in the widest range of the educational offer aimed to Secondary School students for the PCTO - Percorsi per le Competenze Trasversali e l’Orientamento Program (Training Pathways for Transversal Competences and School Guidance, former School-Work Alternation Program), with the aim to convert the peer methodology applied to cultural matters in a stable practice. A short video (max 6 minutes) has been shot whose subject has been cultural heritage as a reason of inspiration for the restart of the country. Students have been able to decline this subject starting from works or motifs present in the museum they have chosen. The video has been shot both in a foreign language and in Italian in order to be disseminated to schools and international institutions with which the schools are in contact for exchanges or other reasons. In addition to the main video - which entered a final contest in which 10 videos were chosen by a qualified jury to be published on the Facebook channel of the Uffizi Galleries - many backstage videos were shot to attest to the work being done behind the scenes. These short clips show us how the students worked with a spirit of great collaboration in a playful and serene atmosphere, yet with discipline and professionalism, displaying all the potentials of the peer-educational approach.

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